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What's Up This Week

On Wednesday, September 27, the Alehouse is hosting an open mic night. Come and perform if you want! Come and listen to new artists. Or, stay home and watch another re-run of Gilligan's Island and get depressed about your hopeless life while other people grab your share of the fun.

It's officially fall but the Alehouse has proclaimed summer is still in effect. So come and sit on our patio at no charge and suck on a Smeet Frog session IPA, the featured beer of the week, for only $3. That's THREE bucks. And three is getting DAMN close to free.

It's no surprise and you probably don't need us to tell you this but October is coming. That means Halloween and pumkins. And that, in turn, means special pumkin spice ale that we'll be pushing on you for the Halloween holidays. If that doesn't float your boat, well, at least there's no Roller Derby scheduled this week.

Oh, oh, wait, one more exciting tid bit of news that we hope doesn't cause you too many sleepless nights... you can buy any one of the mugs you see here for only 5 bucks.


Alehouse's Famous Dead Person Quote

As the need arises, and mostly to fill in some of the white space on our website's home page, we insert a gratuitous quotation by a dead poet, writer or comedian. Sometimes they are good enough to write down and magnet to your refrigerator. This time it's comedian George Carlin:

"The very existence of flamethrowers proves that sometime, somewhere, someone said to themselves, “You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done."


Mishigama Beers Now on Tap

10 Great Brews ready to wet your waiting lips.

Smeet Frog

Session IPA

Centerfield Sensation

Belgian Farmhouse Saison

JimmyJack's Normal Beer

Like light beer, try this normal beer & with more flavor.

Pottawatomi Trail Ale

A session Pale Ale


XXX Extra Stout, a complex black beer with a touch of sweetness.

Woodruff's Porter

Smoked Honey Porter, a favorite of Pooh Beer!

Mooneye IPA

American IPA that's a bombshell of Michigan hops.

Isle Royale

India Amber Ale full of tasty toasted malts.

Blue Racer

A tasty Michigan Blueberry Honeywheat with absolutely zero IBU

Deja Brew

A zingy, sharp and dry American Brown Ale.

see full description of all our beers.

And to go with your beer there's plenty of...

  • Sunday Afternoons (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays): Live Music: Rusty Nails – Bluegrass and Originals. This talented group of local Ypsi musicians play foot stomping Bluegrass, oldies and originals. more...
  • Sunday afternoons (2nd & 4th Sundays): Irish open session led by Celtic Jam, an informal jam session that welcomes new musicians. more...
  • September 29: Libery St. Vipers
  • September 30: Libery St. Vipers
  • October 3: Devyn Mitchell
  • October 6: First Friday with Amy Grace
  • October 7: Folk Laureates
  • October 10: Acoustic Review
  • October 12: Garrett Colier
  • October 13: Pearl Street String Band
  • October 14: James Henes
  • October 17: Dark Eyed MOlly
  • October 19: Kevin Devine
  • October 20: Hotline String Band
  • October 21: Cool Birds
  • October 24: Fiddle Pie
  • October 25: Open Mic Night
  • October 26: Fiddle Pie
  • October 27: Liberty Streey Vipers
  • October 28: James Henes

For more events

And to go with the music and beer... outstanding food, and really nice people.