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  • Sunday Afternoons (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays): Live Music: The Parsnips– Bluegrass and Originals. This talented group of local Ypsi musicians play foot stomping Bluegrass, oldies and originals. more...
  • Sunday afternoons (2nd & 4th Sundays): Irish open session led by Celtic Jam, an informal jam session that welcomes new musicians. more...
  • July 7 (8P): Jo Serrapere & John Devine
  • July 10 (7P): Malty Taskers
  • July 11 (7P): Singer/Songwriter Night
  • July 12 (7P): McLaughlin's Alley
  • July 13 (5P): James Henes
  • July 13 (8P): Eric Moore
  • July 14 (5P): In the Blue Jazz
  • July 14 (8P): 18 Strings
  • July 17 (7P): Alberto Muniz
  • July 18 (7P): Jazz Night
  • July 19 (7P): Katie Pederson
  • July 20 (8P): Folk Laureates
  • July 21 (8P): The Randaliers
  • July 24 (7P): ZZvava
  • July 25 (7P): Open Mic Night
  • July 26 (7P): Mt Hope Road / Lonely Hearts Convention / Red Electric Shark
  • July 27 (6P): Shannon Lee
  • July 28 (5P): 18 Strings
  • July 28 (8P): Y-Town Hoolies
  • July 31 (7P): Malty Taskers

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July Open Mic

Join us on Wednesday, July 25 for Open Mic Night. In person sign-ups begin at 6:45 p.m. and the music starts at 7 p.m. Each musician has the time to play 2 songs, or 10 minutes, whichever is less.

Le Tour

Tour de France, 176 riders from 30 different nations divided among 22 teams race 21 days July 7 through 29.

If It’s July we think of The Tour. And when we think of The Tour, we think of France. Then we think of what?? French food, correct. And when we think of French food, then we think of...( it is second in fame only to Escargots de Bourgogne). YES, French Fries!! But let's add some class to our Alhouse experience, gang, and say "pommes frites". We'll pretend we're "over there" instead of stuck in Michigan. The Pitch (at last): During the race, the Alehouse will offer a discount on its regular fries based on the nationality of the rider who won the stage the previous day. Each day a stage is raced with a winning rider or team. So each day will have a different discount based on the nationality of the winning rider. (for the team race day, the discount will be based on the nationality of the team. The discounts are:

  • France – 10%
  • Belgium or Netherlands – 20%
  • Spain or Italy – 30%
  • Germany or Australia – 40%
  • Germany or Australia – 40%
  • Great Britain or New Zealand – 50%
  • Colombia or Denmark – 60%
  • Norway, Switzerland or Poland – 70%
  • All other countries – 80%
  • Slovakia, Slovenia or Russia – 90%
  • USA – 100%

So enjoy the race in the morning and the Alehouse fries in the afternoon and evening. Cheer especially hard for the Americans as their success means free fries for you!! Races are televised on NBC Sports and the replay will be on at the Alehouse in the evening.

Beers Now on Tap

13 Great Brews ready to wet your waiting lips.


New England IPA

Ted's Beer Float

Beer Float


XXX Extra Stout, a complex black beer with a touch of sweetness.

Centerfield Sensation

Belgian Farmhouse Saison

Street Car #10

Pre-Prohibition American Lager


Kentucky Common

MacKnauf's 80 Shilling Ale

Scottish Ale

Smeet Frog

Session IPA

JimmyJack's Normal Beer

Like light beer, try this normal beer & with more flavor.

Mooneye IPA

American IPA that's a bombshell of Michigan hops.

Isle Royale

India Amber Ale full of tasty toasted malts.

Blue Racer

A tasty Michigan Blueberry Honeywheat with absolutely zero IBU

Deja Brew

A zingy, sharp and dry American Brown Ale.

see full description of these beers.

Alehouse Testimonials

“Having recently moved from Manhattan, I like to think that my standards for pub grub are relatively high. That being said, the kitchen at Ypsi Alehouse is second-to-none! Their menu is small, but everything they make is excellent. They've clearly put thought into each dish which are made with care. Their craft brews on tap are always on point. I live in Ann Arbor and regularly make the trek to Ypsi to watch the game here, with a couple of good quality dart boards to pass the halftime lull. Enough said.”
David H. on Yelp

Talk Smart About Beer

What's the difference between Rye and Wheat style beer? Stout versus Porter? Learn to talk smart about your brew with Mark Szmaida, head brewer at Chelsea Brewing Company, as he gives Off Duty host Wendy Bounds a crash course.

Darts / Trivia Calendar

Have you been to trivia yet? Join us for Sporcle Trivia every Sunday, at 6 and 7 p.m. Get here early to save your team's table. It's called Dinner Trivia where we pair trivia with a dinner special each week! Come early and enjoy Happy Hour prices until 6:00pm.

The Huron Valley Dart Association schedules league matches on Wednesdays at the Ypsi Alehouse and other local spots.

New Beer: The Tridge

New England IPA, 5.9% ABV 17 IBU

Tridge, our New England IPA, is brewed with wheat and oats to obtain the orange-hue color associated with NEIPAs. Tridge's English ale yeast blends with Citra, Mosaic and Azacca hops to pack a grapefruity flavor balanced against a very mild bitterness. A Tridge is a three way bridge such as the pedestrian bridge over the Huron River in Ypsilanti. Much like that tridge, our three hops are a path to refreshing fun!