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  • Sunday Afternoons (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays): Live Music: The Parsnips– Bluegrass and Originals. This talented group of local Ypsi musicians play foot stomping Bluegrass, oldies and originals. more...
  • Sunday afternoons (2nd & 4th Sundays): Irish open session led by Celtic Jam, an informal jam session that welcomes new musicians. more...
  • March 22(7P): Mclaughlin's Alley
  • March 23(8P): Team Love
  • March 24(8P): Jon Ponder
  • March 27(7P): 18 Strings
  • March 29(7P): Open Mic Night
  • March 30(8P): Unkle Lay Lee's Moonshine All-Stars
  • March 31(8P): Front Porch Swing
  • April 3(7P): Devyn Mitchell
  • April 5(7P): Vania O'Conner
  • April 6(5P): Pearl Street String Band
  • April 6(8P): John Louis Good
  • April 7(8P): Billy Joe Hunt
  • April 10(7P): Cig Butts wsg Nathanael Romero
  • April 12(5P): Kevin Divine
  • April 13(7P): Jim Smith/Steve Kovich
  • April 13(8P): Stickman
  • April 14(8P): The Randaliers
  • April 17(7P): Malty Taskers
  • April 19(7P): Team Love
  • April 20(5P): 18 Strings
  • April 20(8P): Michael Joseph
  • April 21(6P): Vicki Dischler
  • April 21(8P): James Henes
  • April 24(7P): McLaughlin's Alley
  • April 24(8P): Open Mic Night
  • April 26(7P): West Park Music Society
  • April 27(6P): 18 Strings
  • April 27(8P): Eric Moore
  • April 28(8P): PBR Band

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Darts / Trivia Calendar

The Huron Valley Dart Association schedules league matches on Wednesdays at the Ypsi Alehouse and other local spots.

The Alehouse and Sporcle host free pub trivia on Sundays at 6:00 and 7:00pm. It's called Dinner Trivia where we pair trivia with a dinner special each week! Come early and enjoy Happy Hour prices until 6:00pm.

Mishigama beers now on tap

13 Great Brews ready to wet your waiting lips.

Rosie Country Ale

Irish Red Ale


American Stout

MacKnauf's 80 Shilling Ale

Scottish Ale

Jolly Cricketeer

Dark Mild

Wit of the World

Belgian Witbier

Smeet Frog

Session IPA

JimmyJack's Normal Beer

Like light beer, try this normal beer & with more flavor.


XXX Extra Stout, a complex black beer with a touch of sweetness.

Woodruff's Porter

Smoked Honey Porter, a favorite of Pooh Beer!

Mooneye IPA

American IPA that's a bombshell of Michigan hops.

Isle Royale

India Amber Ale full of tasty toasted malts.

Blue Racer

A tasty Michigan Blueberry Honeywheat with absolutely zero IBU

Deja Brew

A zingy, sharp and dry American Brown Ale.

see full description of all our beers.

While you're waiting for your order...

For the Alehouse video series, we select some of the best videos on the subjects of bars, beers, drinking, and relationships and bring them to our home page.

This month: 3 Jason Headly "At the Bar" selections and "It's Not About the Nail"

Jason Headly's short films have been featured on NBC's TODAY Show, SundanceTV, Banksy's Dismaland, the front page of Funny or Die and more.
To see more Headly, go to Youtube:

Graduating this semester?

Let's party at the Alehouse. Book your event now -call 734-487-1555 and ask for Tim or Erin.