Brews: Past & Present


Brewed to highlight the finest locally sourced ingredients.


5.7% ABV / 35 IBU / American Stout

This American Stout is dark-roasted, full-bodied and jet black. With a bit of chocolate, a mild sweetness, and slightly dry finish, B-24 is well balanced between malt and hops.

Baby Boo Pumpkin Ale

5.4% ABV / 7 IBU / Pumpkin Spice

Baby Boo Pumpkin is inspired by Maude Mae Duffy Bailey, the world's greatest piemaker --and Ted's grandma. She always requested a full head to filter her beer. We baked lots of pumpkin and tossed in liberal doses of fresh ginger root, orange peel, dark molasses, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. So here's to you, grandma! We're drinking your pumpkin pie in every glass.

Backyard Frog

5.2% ABV / 70 IBU / Harvest Ale

Ted has been growing his own Willamette hops since 1982. This beer was made with the hops he harvested from the back wall of the Ypsi Alehouse. They are organic and naturally dried to create the frog hoppy finish of Backyard Frog -- a relative of Ypsi's infamous Smeet Frog. It hearkens back to the day when all your beers came from freshly harvested hops!

Belleville Brown

6.4% ABV / 32 IBU / Porter

We pay tribute to our neighbors down the road with Belleville Brown, a robust and potent blend of dark malts with a hint of smoke and raisin.

Blue Racer

6.4% ABV / 0 IBU / Michigan Blueberry Honeywheat

Malted wheat and barley from Pilot House Malt in Byron Center in the mash. Centennials from Top Hops in Goodrich for a fragrant dry-hopped nose. Honey from the Windmill Hill Farm in Croswell. Michigan-grown blueberries diving, ascending and hovering in our kinetic beer sculpture. Blue Racer is one of the only brews you’ll find with 100% of the ingredients made in Michigan! The Blue Racer name comes from a native Michigan snake. These non-venomous snakes have been found through most of the lower pennisula.

Boy Howdy

6.8% ABV / 22 IBU / Wild Porter

We have incorporated multiple ingredients into this sour brew, bearing Boy Howdy's name and symbolic of cartoonist Robert Crumb’s approach to life. There are two distinct yeast cultures, hops developed from English rhizome stock and even a bit of honey. The malts include black malt, chocolate malt, smoked wheat malt and roasted barley.

Centerfield Sensation

5.9% ABV / 17 IBU / Farmhouse Saison

Centerfield Sensation is a traditional Belgian farmhouse summer ale that finishes dry and spicy, with refreshing fruity notes and rocky white Belgian lace heads. It's a tribute to the peppy Carolyn King, first girl ever to play Little League baseball. Although banned by the national organization, Carolyn debuted in centerfield at Ypsi's Candy Cane Park in 1973, creating a local sensation filmed by national TV crews..

Deja Brew

6.4% ABV / 32 IBU / American Brown

A hint of chocolate combines with a substantial brown malt background and Zythos hops from Oregon. Our zingy, dry Deja Brew transports you unexpectedly back to another time – but in the same space. Maybe you’ve been here before?

Isle Royale

5.7% ABV / 35 IBU / Amber Ale

A full base of aromatic, Munich and biscuit malt pushes Isle Royale into the amber range while retaining the hoppy sock of an American IPA. So we’ve invented a whole new category -try it.

JimmyJack's Normal Beer

5.8% ABV / 15 IBU / American XPA

German Barke Pils malt and Northern Brewer hops lend a Bohemian flavor to our smooth, easygoing JimmyJack’s Normal XPA. A tribute to Ypsilanti’s first major college, the Michigan State Normal College, which preceded EMU.

Jolly Cricketeer

3.1% ABV / 12 IBU / Dark Mild

The dark mild is an English pub classic. Our version, the Jolly Cricketeer, is made with a continental malt base designed to be full of flavor. Each sip unveils a complex bouquet of biscuit and caramel offset by a subtle bitterness. At 3.1%, the Jolly Cricketeer is designed to be enjoyed pint after pint for an after-work cooldown socializing at the pub, a round of darts, or bellied up to the bar to while the hours away.

MacKnauf's 80 Shilling Ale

5.8% ABV / 15 IBU / Scottish Ale

The first in our Brewer Showcase Series: we’ve partnered with Jim Satin to brew his gold medal winning 80 shilling export here at the Alehouse. MacKnauf’s 80 Shilling Scottish Ale is an instant classic with notes of layered biscuit and caramel. Old-world hops provides a slight hint of bitter earthiness and makes for a wee pint you’ll order again and again.


8.9% ABV / 88 IBU / XXX Extra Stout

A black brew powered by Michigan Zeus, Nugget and Chinook hops, with healthy additions of flaked oats, malted wheat, roasted barley, black and chocolate malts, smoked malt, dark crystal malt, and even a bit of brown sugar. The alleged medicinal benefits of Mishabooz -- a result of heavy additions of Humulus Lupulus Cannabinaceae – are as yet scientifically unproven.


8.3% ABV / 24 IBU / Farmhouse Saison

It's dry and spicy, with fruity esters that lend a refreshing tart background to this traditional saison. German Hallertau Mittelfruh hops are used to balance the flavor of this tasty treat. Many thanks to Matt Becker of Brewery Becker in Brighton for sharing his Saison Dupont yeast to create our Mishagoose Farmhouse Saison ale. This ale is served in a 10 oz. glass.

Mooneye IPA

6.6% ABV / 80 IBU / IPA

Our friends at Hop Head Farms in Hickory Corners, Michigan collaborated with the Ypsi Alehouse to brew this truly zingy IPA, a bombshell of Michigan Zeus, Chinook and Cascade hops

Pearl Street Cream Ale

5.0% ABV / 15 IBU / Cream Ale

Pearl Street is the heart of downtown Ypsi, so we dedicate Pearl Street Cream Ale to the great neighborhood from which it springs. Brewed in the heat of August, Pearl Street Cream chilled -- oh so slowly! -- over the winter months, finally coming to fruition in March. German Barke Pils malt and Hallertau hops encountered American Ale yeast to bring you a truly lagered ale. It's our Ypsi Alehouse take on a traditional style rarely found nowadays.

Pottawatomi Trail Ale

4.9% ABV / 42 IBU / Session Pale Ale

In 1809, one short city block from the Ypsi Alehouse, Gabriel Godfroy established the first trading post in the area, along the Pottawatomie Trail. We honor this pioneer with a pale ale socked full of floral, citrusy Centennial and Cascade hops grown by Top Hops Farms in Goodrich, MI. Toast our tradition with a pint of fragrant, aromatic, authentic local brew!

Rosie Country Ale

4.9% ABV / 11 IBU / Irish Red

The Emerald Isle provides the base malt for this easy-drinking Irish export ale. A wee touch of roasted barley lends a bit of red to its clean caramel character, rounded out with just a bit of noble hops bitterness.

Scary Pumpkin

5.4% ABV / 7 IBU / Pumpkin Ale

Scary Pumpkin is inspired by Maude Mae Duffy Bailey, the world's greatest piemaker --and Ted's grandma. She always requested a full head to filter her beer. We baked lots of pumpkin and tossed in liberal doses of fresh ginger root, orange peel, dark molasses, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. So here's to you, grandma! We're drinking your pumpkin pie in every glass.

Smeet Frog

5.2% ABV / 82 IBU / Session IPA

Smeet Frog is a refreshing and hoppy session India Pale Ale enriched with white wheat malt. It is named after the legendary and very rare Smeet Frog species discovered by Ypsilanti’s mysterious Mr. Dodd. These reclusive furry frogs are only spotted once in a blue moon, late at night in Frog Island and Riverside Parks. Smeet Frog Ale is great for the hot days of summer! Try it - it’ll make you hoppy!!!

Street Car #10

4.6% ABV / 24 IBU / Classic American Pilsner

This easy drinking American Pilsner is our take on the beer that German-American brewers, often trained in Germany, brewed more than a hundred years ago during the Golden Age of American Lagers. It was brewed in the European style but with American ingredients, including a portion of corn to dilute the high protein level of domestic six-row barley, and American hops. The resulting beer is quaffable (süffigheit) and refreshing, but way more characterful than modern, watered down versions. It’s a perfect summer beer, and the one to have when you’re having more than one!

Ted's Beer Float

7.2% ABV / 50 IBU / American Strong Ale with Ice Cream

Now that summertime’s here, what better way to imbibe Ted’s strong ale than with a generous scoop of chocolate ice cream? Enhanced by a healthy dose of root beer and natural Madagascar vanilla, Ted’s Beer Float will make you scream for more! Served in 12 and 16 oz.

The Hotel Porter

6.8% ABV / 35 IBU / American Porter

Inspired by the historic Huron Hotel that the Alehouse calls home, our Hotel Porter is a hearty blend of dark malts which yield moderate caramel notes with a bold, roasty character. Much like a Hotel Porter, this beer is always ready to serve and has a strong hop backbone.

Tiger Muskie

8.6% ABV / 88 IBU / Imperial IPA

Want a big India Pale Ale? Our Imperial IPA was brewed with select hops to create a flavorful, hearty beer with a touch of sweetness. The Columbus–Tomahawk-Zeus hops give this brew a distinct West Coast IPA flair. Named after a native fish that lives in Michigan lakes that is the offspring of Northern Pikes and Muskies. A rarity like our tasty Imperial IPA!


6.4% ABV / 33 IBU / New England IPA

Tridge, our New England IPA, is brewed with wheat and oats to obtain the orange-hue color associated with NEIPA’s. Tridge's English ale yeast blends with Citra, Mosaic and Azacca hops to pack a grapefruity flavor balanced against a very mild bitterness. A Tridge is a three way bridge such as the pedestrian bridge over the Huron River in Ypsilanti. Much like that tridge, our three hops are a path to refreshing fun!


5.5% ABV / 36 IBU / English ESB

Ever since Michael Jackson, the world’s foremost beer writer, took Ted to his local pub in Hammersmith in 1983, he’s been addicted to Extra Special Bitter. Touring Young’s and Fuller’s with the head brewers sharpened his desire to perfect this quintessential English style. So Trollbridge is brewed from 100% English malts, hops and yeast in the classic style.


8.6% ABV / 21 IBU / Dry Sour Ale

Weeabrew is a dry sour ale fermented with two distinctive Belgian yeasts. Its crisp and sharp citrusy nose entices you to savor the first swallow, then the tangy tart finish kicks in.

Wit of the World

4.6% ABV / 11 IBU / Belgian Witbier

This classic Belgian Wit holiday beer was brewed as a collaboration with our friends at the World of Beer in Canton and features loads of flaked wheat and oats with a touch of dried orange peel, and fresh coriander seeds lovingly hand-ground by our head brewer.

Woodruff's Porter

7.1% ABV / 98 IBU / Smoked Honey Porter

Before Ypsilanti , the town was called Woodruff’s Grove and porter was the most popular beer in the world. Our Woodruff’s Porter hearkens back to the time when coppers were fired with flavorful smoky hardwoods and honey was a commonly added treat. Seven different malts, led by traditional Maris Otter, combine with Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops to bring you a taste of the ale that was brewed 150 years ago.

Ypsi Tickle

9.8% ABV / 50 IBU / American Strong Ale

The Ypsi Tickle is an English-style Strong Ale with complex malty character, toffee tones and a real torched bourbon finish. This smooth winter warmer features real Madagascar vanilla, American malt and Michigan hops.


4.4% ABV / 22 IBU / Kentucky Common

Ypsitucky Common Ale is our re-creation of an original American style - Kentucky Common Ale, which thrived in the Louisville area and died abruptly in 1919 with the start of Prohibition. Ypsitucky’s light palate and low bitterness are enhanced by the sweetness of corn and the snap of rye, leaving you a smooth dry finish with a hint of roast. This historical workingman’s beer commemorates those WWII Willow Run workers with proud Kentucky roots.