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  • Sunday Afternoons (1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays): Live Music: The Parsnips– Bluegrass and Originals. This talented group of local Ypsi musicians play foot stomping Bluegrass, oldies and originals. more...
  • Sunday afternoons (2nd & 4th Sundays): Irish open session led by Celtic Jam, an informal jam session that welcomes new musicians. more...
  • October 12 (5P): Jim Smith / Dave Keeney
  • October 12 (8P): Shannon Lee
  • October 13 (5P): Joe Sleep
  • October 13 (8P): Stickman
  • October 16 (7P): Hayden Garruth
  • October 17 (7P): Kevin Devine
  • October 18 (7P): Y-Town Hoolies
  • October 19 (5P): Devyn Mitchell
  • October 19 (8P): Unkle Lay Lee's Moonshine-Allstars
  • October 20 (8P): James Henes
  • October 23 (7P): Katie Pederson
  • October 24 (7P): Mark Vashon
  • October 25 (7P): McLaughlin's Alley
  • October 26 (5P): Alex Radloff
  • October 26 (8P): Y-Town Hoolies
  • October 30 (7P): The Malty Taskers
  • October 31 (8P): Open Mic Night

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Last Release

Backyard Frog Harvest Ale-10/3

5.9% ABV 44 IBU Ted has been growing his own Willamette hops since 1982. This beer is made with the hops he harvested from the back wall of the Ypsi Alehouse. They are organic and naturally dried to create the frog hoppy finish of Backyard Frog -- a relative of Ypsi's infamous Smeet Frog. It hearkens back to the day when all your beers came from freshly harvested hops! Available by pre-order only.


Next Release

The Hotel Porter - American Porter

6.8% ABV 35 IBU Inspired by the historic Huron Hotel that the Alehouse calls home, our Hotel Porter is a hearty blend of dark malts which yield moderate caramel notes with a bold, roasty character. Much like a Hotel Porter, this beer is always ready to serve and has a strong hop backbone.


October Open Mic

Join us on Wednesday, October 31st for Open Mic Night. In person sign-ups begin at 6:45 p.m. and the music starts at 7 p.m. Each musician has the time to play 2 songs, or 10 minutes, whichever is less. It's Halloween. So, dress the part, bucko, and come sing a few songs with us!

First Friday

Novermber 2nd, 2018

Be sure to stop at the Ypsi Alehouse for music with the Pearl Street String Band (5pm) and the Y-Town Hoolies(8pm).

Beers Now on Tap

12 Great Brews ready to wet your waiting lips.

Backyard Frog

Harvest Ale

Baby Boo Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Spice Harvest Ale


XXX Extra Stout, a complex black beer with a touch of sweetness.

Tiger Muskie

Imperial IPA


New England IPA

Centerfield Sensation

Belgian Farmhouse Saison

Street Car #10

Pre-Prohibition American Lager


Kentucky Common

Smeet Frog

Session IPA

Mooneye IPA

American IPA that's a bombshell of Michigan hops.

Isle Royale

India Amber Ale full of tasty toasted malts.

Blue Racer

A tasty Michigan Blueberry Honeywheat with absolutely zero IBU

see full description of these beers.

Alehouse Testimonials

Had an amazing bowl of Chicken dumpling soup...an excellent cherry cider... shared a table with old friends and great music. Thanks Ypsi Ale House for a perfect 5 star Saturday night! (Oh and did I forgot to mention the 'stout 'chocolate cake for dessert)”
Chris R on Yelp

Talk Smart About Beer

What's the difference between Rye and Wheat style beer? Stout versus Porter? Learn to talk smart about your brew with Mark Szmaida, head brewer at Chelsea Brewing Company, as he gives Off Duty host Wendy Bounds a crash course.

Darts / Trivia Calendar

Have you been to trivia yet? Join us for Sporcle Trivia every Sunday, at 6 and 7 p.m. Get here early to save your team's table. It's called Dinner Trivia where we pair trivia with a dinner special each week! Come early and enjoy Happy Hour prices until 6:00pm.

The Huron Valley Dart Association schedules league matches on Wednesdays at the Ypsi Alehouse and other local spots.

Food Update Alert

We are revising our menu, improving old favorites and adding new items for your dining pleasure... such as pasta specials and other creations from the minds of Erin and Jim.

rain or shine, it's always pouring at the YPSI alehouse