Brewer Showcase Series

We are bringing in recognized homebrewing talent to brew their signature beers on our Alehouse system.

The Ypsi Alehouse prides itself on sourcing Michigan resources whenever possible for both our beer and our food menus. To that end, we’re taking advantage of another Michigan resource: talented homebrewers. These beers will be limited run releases. Check out our first release with Jim Satin on January 26!

MacKnauf's 80 Shilling —Jim Satin

5.8% ABV; 15 IBU—The first in our Brewer Showcase Series: We’ve partnered with Jim Satin to brew his gold medal winning 80 shilling export here at the Alehouse. MacKnauf’s 80 Shilling Scottish Ale is an instant classic with notes of layered biscuit and caramel. Old-world hops provides a slight hint of bitter earthiness and makes for a wee pint you’ll order again and again.

Streetcar #10 —Jeff Renner

4.6% ABV / 24 IBU—A classic American Pilsner (CAP), is the second beer we’ve brewed for our Brewer’s Showcase Series. This time, we brought in renowned homebrewer Jeff Renner to brew the Streetcar. A few decades ago, Jeff wanted to brew the beer that he remembered his father drinking when he was just a kid growing up in Cincinnati. So, Jeff went through historical brewing logs to try and recreate the Classic American Pilsner as it used to be brewed. Relying upon the old recipes, Jeff brewed the first Classic American Pilsner that had been brewed in America since pre-prohibition. The difference between a Classic American Pilsner and a standard Pilsner is that no Pilsner malt was used. Instead, the CAP was brewed using six-row barley and corn, ingredients common in the US prior to Prohibition. Once Jeff brewed the CAP, he published the recipe via online forums and a couple brewing magazines under the name “Your Father’s Moustache.” The style had been brought back to life by Jeff and is now brewed by homebrewers and some commercial breweries. We wanted a nice, refreshing Pilsner to serve at the Ypsi Alehouse. With Jeff being a local homebrew legend, we though he would be a natural fit for our Brewer’s Showcase Series. He helped us brew this great beer and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. The CAP is one of only four beer styles indigenous to the United States. The others are California Common, Kentucky Common (check out our Ypsitucky beer) and New England IPA (taste our Tridge).