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The Ypsi Alehouse Covid-19 Plan: June 10, 2020

Thank you to everyone who supported the Alehouse by ordering food, cider, and beer for carry-out and delivery. That helped us a lot and allowed our employees to continue to work at least partially. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to numerous government mandates and business changes to control this deadly contagious virus. The priority, as always, is the health, wellness, and safety of our guests, vendors, and employees.

Given this background, we developed our current plan and practices. Some elements of the plan are government mandates and suggestions, and some elements are best business practices and common sense to ensure everyone’s health and wellness. We expect that our guests and other visitors will follow our requirements. If you cannot for any reason, we will take actions that we deem appropriate. Again, our overriding priority is everyone’s health and safety while meeting government mandates.

Just as the virus threat and the government mandates have and will change over time, our plan will evolve. We want to get back to normal as much as you do but this virus is real! Our updated plans and requirements will be posted on our Facebook page and our website. Call if you have any questions or concerns.

For Delivery: For Carry-Out:
  • Please order from for food and for food.
  • Please note that if you come in we only have room for 3 customers. Curbside is the preferred choice but understand that some people want to ask about the beers in person.
For Curbside Pickup:
If coming as a guest to dine in, there are a number of changes:
  • Seating capacity and social distancing rules as directed by the state have reduced our seating by 50%.
  • Our waiting area has been closed until further notice. People who are required to wait must do so outside the Alehouse.
  • We have placed a sign outside the front door that indicates that tables are available come in and seat yourself or please wait until the host lets you in (which means some current guests have to leave first).
  • While waiting outside, please keep 6 foot spacing between your group and the other groups.
  • Limit your party size to 10 people
  • Please wear your face mask when you are not seated at your table including going to the bathroom and in line at the bar. This is a government mandate.
  • As before, we will be sanitizing our tables between guest parties.
  • Guests who are sick or with any symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, or have recently been exposed to COVID -19 should not enter the Alehouse.
  • When inside the Alehouse, please maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and other guests. We have floor signage to help you.
  • If you want to move tables to enable a larger party, please ask the manager before moving the tables. We need to ensure social distancing.
  • Please pay with a credit card or a non-contact method if possible.
  • We are continuing our pub service approach with some changes.
  • Please limit the number of groups in line to order from the bar to three. One person per table would be ideal.
  • Please do not linger at the bar and bring questions with you.
  • Please review our menus that are available in multiple formats:
  • All alcohol orders will require an ID. The bartender may ask you temporarily remove your mask to verify identification.
  • Single use cutlery is available upon request.
  • Beverages will be picked up at the bar and food will be brought out to your table when ready.
  • Our water station has closed and those wanting water will be offered a jug of water and glasses.
  • Our condiment caddies have been removed from the tables. If you would like salt/pepper and other condiments, please ask at the bar when you order.
Other Important Information:
  • The Alehouse is cleaned with our high-grade sanitizer regularly. Commonly touched surfaces (including tables, doors, and chairs) are cleaned repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Employees and managers are trained and certified in food safety and sanitation standards, which includes proper handwashing, hygiene practices, and wearing gloves when handling food.
  • As required by the state, employees are screened daily for health and if they are not feeling well are instructed to stay home.
  • Employees are provided with face masks and gloves to aid in proper hygiene.
  • Restaurant interiors have been reconfigured to designate proper social distancing.
  • Additional sanitizing stations have been added for our guests and employees.
  • We have a non-contact thermometer if a guest or employee has a question about their temperature. Guests should ask the bartender or manager if desired.
  • Main bathroom has a touchless water faucet and towel dispenser and users can also exit it without using their hands. A spray bottle of sanitizer will be there to enable the guest to sanitizer areas of the bathroom if desired. Please do not throw paper towels in the toilet as they will clog it.

Final Thoughts:
This plan will evolve as the threat of the virus evolves and government mandates and common-sense approaches change. We appreciate your support of these precautions.