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Brewed to highlight the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Blue Racer

6.2% ABV / 0 IBU / Blueberry Honeywheat

Blue Racer is a Michigan Blueberry Honey Wheat that is light and delicious with just a hint of blueberries. This beer appeals to people who avoid craft beer because of the bitterness of IPAs and strong malt flavors of some other style. The Blue Racer name comes from a native non-venomous snake found throughout most of the Lower Peninsula.

Boss Pils

6.2% ABV / 40 IBU / Bohemian Pilsner

Boss Pils is a clear golden Bohemian Pilsner-style lager with a rich but smooth and bready malt character. Your first sip yields to a long finish with a prominent spicy hop backbone as the result of huge amounts of Czech Saaz used during various stages of brewing. The Boss Pils also uses German malts and yeast. As you would in Germany, we invite you to enjoy it in our bier garden!

Centerfield Sensation

5.8% ABV / 17 IBU / Farmhouse Saison

Centerfield Sensation is a traditional Belgian farmhouse summer ale that finishes dry and spicy, with refreshing fruity notes and rocky white Belgian lace heads. It's a tribute to the peppy Carolyn King, first girl ever to play Little League baseball. Although banned by the national organization, Carolyn debuted in centerfield at Ypsi's Candy Cane Park in 1973, creating a local sensation filmed by national TV crews.

Cross Street Crush

6.9% ABV / 80 IBU / New England IPA

Cross Street Crush pours a hazy, opaque orange and is very crushable even at 6.8%. With a hefty amount of wheat, the mouthfeel is smooth. The mouthfeel helps accentuate the fresh orange, tangerine, mango and blueberry flavors imparted by huge dry hop additions of both Citra and Mosaic hops. Underlying all this flavor is a sizable bitterness that you would find in a typical IPA in order to balance out the fruity flavors and the wheat tang..

Isle Royale

6.6% ABV / 32 IBU / Amber Ale

Isle Royale is a toasty amber ale with flavorful aromas from an international blend of malts from the US, Belgium, England and Germany. Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops produce a subdued bitterness that allows the malt flavors to come forward. Isle Royale is named after the Isle Royale Island and National Park located in Lake Superior. Featured in the book Hops and History by Jim Dent, 2019.


9.7% ABV / 73 IBU / Imperial Stout

Mishabooz, our imperial stout, has a rich cocoa nose that carries through to the end of every smooth sip. This dark draught finishes with slight coffee and anise notes with a prominent bitterness. Mishabooz is a beer that tastes better as it warms up, so let it sit for a few minutes before drinking it – if you can wait that long. In Algonquin mythology, Mishabooz is another aspect of the cultural hero Nanabozho, who is associated with rabbits and The Great Rabbit in legends and folktales.

Mooneye IPA

7.0% ABV / 98 IBU / IPA

A touch of clean, malty sweetness rounds out the deceptively smooth and fairly dry finish, while substantial dry hopping lends floral citrusy notes to this delightful IPA. Our new Mooneye American IPA draws its hearty bitter balance from five West Coast hops. Mooneyes are frantic, hyperactive fish and their impressive leaps and passionate fighting style has earned them the nickname Freshwater Tarpon.

Pale Pleasures

5.7% ABV / 48 IBU / Pale Ale

This really easy drinking pale ale is perfect for the sun and conversation. Brewed with large amounts of Columbus and Citra hops, Pale Pleasures presents notes of cotton candy, sweet orange, lemon, grass, and papaya rounded out by a smooth bitterness.

Street Car #10

5.4% ABV / 40 IBU / Classic American Pilsner

Streetcar No. 10 is named after the streetcar that used to pass through Ypsi on its trip from Ann Arbor to Saline in the early 1900’s. Our beer recipe is from that same era. This pre-prohibition pilsner is a historical recipe brewed by Germans who settled in America. They wanted beers that tasted like the lagers available in Germany, but they could only brew with the locally available American ingredients. In keeping the Streetcar historically accurate, this pilsner is brewed with only American grains and hops.

The Hotel Porter

6.8% ABV / 35 IBU / American Porter

Inspired by the historic Huron Hotel that the Alehouse calls home, our Hotel Porter is a hearty blend of dark malts which yield moderate caramel notes with a bold, roasty character. Much like a Hotel Porter, this beer is always ready to serve and has a strong hop backbone.


7.6% ABV / 33 IBU / Hazy IPA

Tridge, our New England IPA, is brewed with wheat and oats to obtain the orangish hue associated with NEIPA’s. Tridge's English ale yeast blends with Citra, Mosaic and Azacca hops to pack a grapefruity flavor balanced against a very mild bitterness. A Tridge is a three-way bridge such as the pedestrian bridge over the Huron River and Cross Street in Ypsilanti. Much like that tridge, our three hops are a path to refreshing fun!


5.4% ABV / 22 IBU / Kentucky Common Commoner's Ale

Ypsitucky Common Ale is our re-creation of an original American style - Kentucky Common Ale, which thrived in the Louisville area and died abruptly in 1919 with the start of Prohibition. Ypsitucky’s light palate and low bitterness are enhanced by the sweetness of corn and the snap of rye, leaving you a smooth dry finish with a hint of roast. This historical workingman’s beer commemorates those WWII Willow Run workers with proud Kentucky roots.