Kegs, Growlers & Howlers

When you decide to host a REAL party, try one of the Alehouse Ale options:

Great Beer on Tap. The Alehouse Options

#1 For Two-somes

Take home a glass growler bottle for $6or plastic growler for $3 or save some money and bring your own – just make sure it is clean. These half-gallon fun-size bottles hold over 5 12-ounce pours. Or get variety in your life, buy two howlers for $5 each These cute bottles hold 32 ounces each —just what you need for snakebite remedy.

#2 For Larger Groups and Thirsty Two-somes

Try our new 10 liter baby kegs (about 2.64 gallons). These new kegs have Sankey tops and can be tapped with a pony pump just like their big, commercial cousins. They hold 28 12-ounce pours. These require advanced reservations for pick-up (usually 2 days) as we fill the kegs with your choice of beverage. Available on a first-come first serve basis. Prices start at $38.

#3 For Big Groups or Those with Kegerators

Take home a keg! We have two sizes available: Sixtels – which are about 5.1 gallons and hold 55 12-ounce pours and Half Barrels which are 15.5 gallons and hold 165 12-ounce pours. It is best to reserve in advance to make sure your beer selection is available in your choice of keg size. Prices start at $65.

#4 For You and Maybe 200 of your Closest Ale-Loving Friends

Ask about the 8-Tap Beer Trailer! Put this thing in your backyard and see how many friends you really have! Really Excited? Whoa! We understand completely but it requires advanced reservations—think months unless you are lottery-lucky! This option is heavily booked during the prime outdoor beer-drinking season so plan ahead.